Social Security Starts at Birth and Ends with Death

Our mission is to educate our shareholders about how life works, and what they need to be doing to grow consistently and take care of themselves.

All of our offers are centered around helping people continue learning so that they can create the life they want to live.

This all started with a vision to change the way that employees are compensated throughout America by including equity as part of their compensation package.

Our organization is built on the principle that a company’s employees are the most valuable asset it has, and that our people should be taken care of throughout life, starting as a child and ending when they die.

Thus the Entrepreneurial Education System in America is born

In public and private education, credits are used to determine success and whether or not someone can graduate.

The problem is that people never graduate from life.

We move from one learning experience to the other, constantly learning and improving ourselves to create the life we want to live.

The Entrepreneurial Education System starts with mom and dad.

Our people need the freedom and flexibility to focus on coaching, training, mentoring, and guiding our next generation of shareholders.

As we progress through life, our role as a coach, trainer, mentor, and guide never changes.

This education system is designed to teach people how to create a fulfilling life for themselves while adding the value they want to add to the world.

Our company needs owners at every level, from the visionaries trying to create the world we live in to the people on the front lines taking care of all the actual work.

Without working together, growth will never happen.

How the Entrepreneurial Education System Works

Our company is split into 3 different types of share classes.

These different classes are designed to do different things within our ecosystem.

Class A shares (19% of the company) - These shares control the entire organization

Class B shares (51% of the company) - Only accessible by investing either time or money or both within the companies that we own

Class C shares (30% of the company) - These shares are what we will sell to investors who believe in the American Dream and want to be a part of it and support it.

We will be releasing shares to the public at a price of $300 per share, and the market will determine the ultimate value once the share has been issued.

Anyone can become a client and that gives them the ability to be a coach, consultant, trainer, teacher, or mentor with us as an affiliate.

That gives their clients equity when they purchase through their affiliate link, and the education of tax strategy from America's Holding Company combined with the value added by our affiliate partner.

This means that if you invested $1,800 into our National Tax Strategy Education Program through someone else's affiliate link, you would receive equity worth $1,800, the education on tax strategy, and the value you get from the person you bought through.

We are consolidating our education dollars.

Enter Mergers and Acquisitions

As a group, we then focus on acquiring between 10% and 80% of other companies.

This enables us to compensate every W2 Employee with Equity from our firm for learning and growing with us, and taking care of our people.

The % of ownership we have in a firm determines the % of equity that every W2 Employee gets each year, multiplied by the number of years they work within our ecosystem.

When we have ownership in a company, we get to take care of their people while our partners focus on taking care of the business.

Depending on the amount of ownership we have in an organization will determine the Sign-on bonus every employee gets as well as the additional equity they get every year.

The number of years they spend working within this company becomes their multiplier on the equity they receive each year. Below is an example of 10 years spent in a company that we own.

We target an 80% ownership to create what is called a consolidated tax return. The more companies that we own 80% of (this must be both equity and voting power) the easier it is to do tax strategy at a nation wide level.

We DO NOT want to be the leaders of the company, the other 20% of the company is designed for the people driving the business forward.

Our goal is to take care of all the employees, so that they will take care of the business, so our leaders can focus on growing the business.

With that said, we are the support behind the visionaries.

We will work together to create the vision that they see.

Our goal is to turn every shareholder into whatever they want to be.

  • Employee
  • Independent contractor with a lifestyle business
  • Business Owner
  • Teacher, Mentor, Trainer, Consultant
  • Investment Partner

Your dream is yours, don't be afraid of it.

Live it and love it.

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