America's Holding Company Inc.

Creating stronger social security by introducing the

Entrepreneurial Education System of America.

Mission Statement

To build an economy that takes care of our shareholders from birth to death. We do this by helping our partners and their clients understand how money can work for us.


We partner with entrepreneurs who own and operate established education companies (Coaching Consulting, Mentoring and Training providers) to create a platform that allows us to educate their clients on how money works.

Our solutions are not just taught but put into practice right within our organizational structure.

We teach you how to invest, save smart, create joint ventures that profit, grow together as a joint venture, and at the end of it all, how to create a tax strategy to grow wealth in the long term.

Shareholder Goal:

Our main goal is to take care of our most valuable asset, our people. The owners of the company are clients of the company and are the production of the company. We are building this company to invest in our people and take care of them throughout life.

This company is designed to increase the speed at which money changes hands because of a high human capital cost and almost no physical capital cost.

This will allow us as a group to increase our GDP because of a significant increase in educational investments into ourself.

Educational investments have very little hard costs and are very scalable due to group training and online learning.

Education should be free, and you should be given an opportunity to invest into it if you would like.

Our Competitive Advantage

We are the only company that is consolidating ownership of an education product with their clients. It allows us to generate revenue while investing in the growth of our clients. The difference is that the profits are not just for us. We get to share them with our clients, who are also shareholders of our company.

If you want to benefit from what we are building, you must be either a client, an educator, or an investor.

Revenue Streams:

Subscriptions to America's Holding Company

National Tax Strategy Education Program

Ways to Participate:

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