Your employees and I would like to buy part of your business.

The way tax strategy works is by collecting as much money as you can and then investing it in to the assets that helped you create that wealth in the first place.

No-one can accomplish anything great alone, it takes a team.

That is why we see America's Holding Company Inc. as a support system behind the entrepreneurs out there making the world a better place.

It is our mission to take care of all of the people driving the businesses forward.

It is America's Holding Company Inc. job to take care of all our employees.

It is our employees job to take care of the business and our customers.

It is the visionaries and entrepreneurs job to continue envisioning the future and driving towards it.

Together, we will create the world that we all want to live in.

Name your price

When it comes to buying or selling a business, you have to know your motivation behind the action that you are taking.

You have to have a plan for how that business fits within your ecosystem and how you will fund it and make it a good deal for you.

You also need to know why you are selling it and what you want to do with that money once you get it.

Our system is designed to help business owners in a couple ways:

Increase the employee benefits for every W2 employee that works in that business

Receive additional support from other business partners once they join the ecosystem

Take money off the table for them to invest in other opportunities

Spread financial benefits of the company over

leave complete control with the current ownership team

We can do all of this, while letting you as the owner determine the price of your business because we care more about the terms of the deal.

Employee Benefits


Retaining Control

Financial Benefits

Employee Benefits

The main way that you and all your employees will benefit is that every W2 employee within any company that we own receives equity for investing time in the companies within our own economy.

The biggest determine in how much equity someone receives from America's Holding Company Inc. is how much of the company they work for we own.

As soon as the deal is closed, every W2 employee will receive the corresponding sign-on bonus.

From that day on, they will receive additional equity every year that they work within that company, multiplied by the number of years they have worked there.

You, the business owner, as long as you are also a W2 employee, will also receive these sign-on bonuses and the annual equity.


As a partner within America's Holding Company Inc. your team has expanded to every employee and business owner within our ecosystem.

Where you invest your time and money matters, so we as a society look for ways to invest into the assets that we own rather than assets outside of our economy.

We are always looking for ways to connect our shareholders to increase the value of our economy.

Retaining Control

We do not want to come in and tell you what to do.

You are the leader and have done a great job so far, it is our job to come in and support you and all of your employees who also believe in the business that you are creating.

This will not be a power struggle, this is a support system.

We want you to focus on making money, and we will focus on taking care of everyone who helps you make money!

Financial Benefits

When partnering with America's Holding Company Inc., you as the business owner have a chance to take money off of the table for what you have already built.

It gives you the opportunity to transition it into another asset, vision, creation, or dream.

On top of taking money off the table, you will still be in complete control of your company until you would like to transition it to someone else.

Once you find someone you want to transition it to, the two of you determine the deal structure and we will move to the new owner and help them continue the mission that you started.


Our long term mission is to take care of our people.

To do that, we need to collect as much ownership as possible to spread out the risk across multiple assets.

We want people to build their own proposal to submit to our team on what they would like to receive for their business.

Here are some of the terms that we strive to include if you want us to purchase part of your business.

Owner Financing

No Control

Timeframe of Buyout


Owner Financing

Our goal is to let you determine the price of the business, and that you will owner finance the business to us.

We want to make this process easy for everyone, and let you get as much out of your company as you would like.

It will be part of your role to help us make sure that it is worth that price in the future which should be built into the contract.

You will be our leader, leading us to the future that you have envisioned for your company.

No Control

We want the agreement structured in a way that we do not have any control besides voting power as a shareholder.

We do not want a seat on the board of directors.

We do not want you to change your business model besides including the fact that we are partners together on your marketing resources.

It is our goal that whenever we partner together, it causes a change in the overall ownership in a company and where the profit flows when there is profit.

We do not want this to be a complicated or confusing transaction.

We do request that you structure your company as a C corp for these reasons.

It may make sense to use voting power to retain control in a smaller % of ownership, exactly like we have done with this company.

Timeframe of Buyout

We would like you to structure the deal in such a way that you can control how and where you get the money out of the sale of the company.

Our goal is to let 100% of the dividends that would go to us would instead go to paying off the loan to purchase the business.

If you want that to be quicker, we will build a plan together to really grow the business and help you turn the company cashflow up so that is generating enough revenue for the purchase in the timeframe that you want.

Part of the timeframe conversation needs to include how and when key leadership positions will need to be replaced and when you as the owner would like to be completely hands off.


A major component of our agreement together needs to be how do we separate if either party would like to separate.

It needs to be spelled out in writing how the business will be valued, and what the process looks like if we decide that this isn't a good fit.

It needs to spell out how the owner financing will work, and how we will move forward should the need arise.

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