Our Goal is to do Tax Strategy as a Nation

Tax strategy is a team sport, and the bigger your team, the easier it is to move money in a tax efficient way. That's the whole premise behind what we are doing. The main strategy is to have a holding company that ANYONE can use to store the value of their money until they need it.

DISCLAIMER - This content is all for educational purposes. Consult with your legal team and tax team before making any decisions or changes.

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Visioneering Your Future

To create a plan, you must first start with the destination.

This is the cornerstone of every decision you make when building and implementing a tax strategy plan.

We call it visioneering because you must first envision the future, and then you must engineer a plan to create that future.

You and your immediate family are the only people able to create this vision.

Your SWOT Analysis

After you have the vision of the future life you want to live, we begin to work on laying the foundation for how to get there.

Take a look at all of the Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that are present in your family. Look at all the skill sets that you have access to in your family, and update them consistently with where you are at.

Determine the Families Core Values

Your core values determine the person that you are, and the things that you will focus on when it comes to making decisions. Understanding the driving emotions behind your life is critical.

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Your Why and 40-Year Vision

This is where you determine the primary focus of where you want to invest your time in each category over the rest of your life. This is all about creating the intention that will be used to make decisions along the way!

This is also where we set our pledge to society, and the world that we want to create.

Your What and 5 year Vision

At this stage in the process we are determining what the big areas of focus are for the next 5 years that will help you get closer to your 40-year vision.

This is also where we track our current financial outlook and net-worth.

Your Annual Goal

When we get to our annual goal, we want to look at the critical things that you would personally like to accomplish this year. This should be in the most impactful areas of your life that you want to focus on, not all the functions that are important to you. There is no such thing as balance, you must decide what is the most important thing to you.

This is also where we track our historic financials and current revenue streams.

Your Quarterly Commitments

This area is where we are tracking income goals against the results.

We then make commitments for this quarter that should help you get closer to your annually goal. These commitments need to be in the most important areas of your life that you want to focus on.

The last thing we track and measure are the celebrations that we want to take this year. It is important to remember you are celebrating BEING ALIVE. There is no benchmark or metric that you are trying to hit to 'earn' these celebrations. You are part of this world and deserve to enjoy your life while you live it.

Below is our tax strategy curriculum

It is important to realize that for tax strategy to work, you must first collect as much money as possible before redistributing that money into the assets that made the money in the first place.

Tax strategists are not just accountants and CPA's, tax strategists are anyone who believes that the world is built together, and we need everyone working together to make it a better place.

There are revenue tax strategists (I am a revenue tax strategist, my skill set is sales and revenue creation).

There are operations tax strategists (These are consultants that understand business and help us professionalize our businesses).

There are financial tax strategists (These are people that help us manage the money that we have made).

Our mission is to consolidate the lessons and skills that our partners have learned in the businesses that we own in order to drive more revenue and take better care of the assets that created that revenue.

Our people are the most important asset in America, and it is time we treat them that way.

Our Curriculum is free

Below are the resources that we encourage every client to invest time learning and understanding if they want to be great at tax strategy and wealth building. You don't need to be a client to participate in our education program.

You only need to be a client if you would like to participate in the equity behind our business model.

Everything you can learn about below is being strategically implemented into America's Holding Company Inc. to maximize our investment as a group..

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The Dream Manager By Matthew Kelly

This book is the foundation of what we are building. America's Holding Company is designed to facilitate the creation of the American dream. By becoming a partner of America's Holding Company you yourself are becoming a dream manager. As a dream manager, it is your job to help others accomplish their dreams. Through referrals, introductions, advice, financing, and friendship we are able to help support each other and grow.

Read this book to see what it means to be a dream manager.

The Changing World Order By Ray Dalio

This book is the history of how finances and the world work together. In this book Ray, who runs one of the largest hedge funds out there, explains the debt cycles and how finances and governments work together to deal with the economy. This book talks about the 6 stages a government typically goes through on its rise and fall. He explains how we are about to go through a huge deleveraging and gives us advice on how to manage it. We are using this book as a framework to look at the past and make decisions to successfully move us through this deleveraging and onto the growth stage again.

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Marginal Revolution University

Economics is much more than just numbers and graphs. In fact, we can use economics to explain much of what we encounter in our daily lives. For instance, why is customer service at your local restaurant usually better than that of the cable company? To find the answer we can take a closer look at the incentives at play. For another example, we look to eighteenth century Great Britain. What did bad incentives have to do with the death rate of prisoners shipped from England to Australia? Let’s find out together in this first video of MRU’s course on Principles of Economics: Microeconomics.

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Employee Stock Ownership Plans

The Class B shares of America's Holding company are designed to be an ESOP. This is not a true ESOP at the moment - we want our shareholders to be able to keep the equity with them until they decide to sell it, which is why we are structured as a C-CORP. As we grow, we will determine the most tax efficient way to protect our people. This is educational content about traditional ESOP plans, which can be an amazing tax strategy that you could easily implement in your own business.

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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is when someone else promotes your product or service and you pay them a commission for the referral. We are using Affiliate marketing as the way to partner easily with anyone who would like to participate. We are looking at our affiliates as a great way to collect and redistribute money. When someone buys from an affiliates link, they are directing the investment of their equity directly rather than making us decide who the best person to invest in is. We see our affiliates as our investment centers.

When you sign up as a client in our National Tax Education Program it also gives you the right to become an affiliate with us to include the tax education program in your offerings.

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Voting Power of Different Class Shares

We are concentrating control of America's Holding Company Inc through voting power of different shares. This lets most of the company be set assign for people to own the economic benefit while allowing a very small decision making team that can remain nimble and quick.

This does mean that your ownership in America's Holding Company Inc does not give you much control legally due to the voting rights of the different class shares.

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Consolidated Tax Returns

The reason that we target 80% ownership of companies is to create a consolidated tax return. This means that you can have multiple companies on a single tax return. My goal is to have some companies specifically as loss centers that are typically a much lower net profit business and we can have other companies that are typically high profit that will level out our tax liability as a whole. It will also make it so that very rural companies can be involved and we can take care of their people even if traffic/revenue/economics within their area may not be the greatest.

This will let us achieve our mission of taking care of as many people as possible.

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Corporate Entity Selection

The type of entity you choose to operate under will have a huge impact on the tax liabilities that you have and what you are capable of doing. Making sure you pick the right entity type is crucial. We chose to be a C-Corp for multiple reasons.

We are able to create a consolidated tax return

We are able to operate as an independent entity.

We are able to have multiple different class shares of common stock.

We are able to simplify our shareholders tax liability within one entity.

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Stock Splits and Issuing More Stock

Yes - your stock will be diluted. This company is designed to have the stock diluted to accommodate more people being involved as we grow. You need to understand how stocks work when it comes to splits and issuing more stock. Our goal is to use this company to move money, so we will be doing this as often as possible.

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Dividends are one of the ways that you can benefit as an owner in a company. It is important to understand them, and to also understand the implications of dividends from a tax standpoint. When a C-corporation issues a dividend, it creates a new taxable event for the shareholders of the company. That is one of the reasons that we will be very careful with when we decide to issue dividends. Our goal is to let you manage your own tax liability by deciding when to sell your equity and take the cash off the table. When you sell your equity and take the cash off the table, it creates the taxable event for you. As long as you let your equity grow within the company there should be no tax liability created for you as an individual. At least that is until the government passes laws to tax unrealized gains on capital.

One of the main ways that we are providing shareholders with ROI is the ability to become an affiliate with us to impact more lives. You are able to share our mission and vision and package as a partner with people. Your referrals will get to participate in our education platform while you provide additional value on top of the training and equity they get from America's Holding Company Inc.

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Financial Basics

Getting a basic understanding of financial statements is critical. Spend some time getting to know how to read these statements

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