Are you an Entrepreneurial Teacher?

Our model is designed to let anyone become a production center with us. If you are a partner with us, it is expected that you will add additional value to our client. It could be through additional courses, content, mastermind groups, training programs, or service based work.

We Allow Self-Directed Investments Through Joint Venture Partnerships

Anyone can pay America's Holding Company directly and then we will use those funds to invest in other companies or people as we see fit.

People may instead direct their investments into America's Holding Company Inc. using someone's specific affiliate link.

By allowing people to direct their investment, they can get more for their investment as well as help specific projects or people that they would like to invest in.

As an affiliate, you receive 65% Commission of the investment that your clients subscribe to America's Holding Company.

You also become part of the production system with your multiplier for the number of years you invest as part of our system.

Do you want to be a part of the solution to social security?

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