Our Children Are The Future!

Anywhere you look right now, you can see we need change.

We need to start taking care of our kids and getting them more help now.

We already know that we need to be investing for their future, but there are a number of ways that you can do that.

How do you determine the best place to invest for your children?

The truth of it is that you should invest in their own education.

Their knowledge and experiences will grow with them and help them throughout their life.

I'll share a few ways that I personally planning on using America's Holding Company Inc. with my own kids to invest in their future.

There are two ways that we will be using America's Holding Company to invest in our kids future.

Traditional Education and Extra-curricular activities

The Stephens Family will be our case study

Justin, Emily, Scarlett, Tristan, and Norah

Traditional Education

I am blessed enough to have 3 amazing kids and they are all going to Siena Elementary.

I want to invest in each of them and I want to direct that investment into their education.

We have signed up as a member of the PTA, and will be working with the PTA to take care of our kids.

Emily and myself are investing our time to help their school with fundraisers and any other programs that the school wants to put together.

We will be setting up the PTA as an affiliate of America's Holding Company Inc.

This will allow me as a partner to invest into each of my kids, and direct that investment into their current school.

It will allow us to better fund our education system since it is also part of an investment system that people can use during their life.

It is also an option to have their teachers sign up as an affiliate and invest directly into their teachers.

If anyone else would like to support your children, their school, and their future like this, please reach out and let us support you as well!

Extra Curricular Activities

My girls are in gymnastics and my son is in a ninja course.

These are expenses that are also investments into their education.

We are setting up the programs that they are in as affiliates as well.

This way we can invest into their education through these activities as well.

65% of every payment made through someone's affiliate link goes to that person or organization.

This means that if it costs $100 a month for the gymnastics class, it would be an investment of $150 per month to AHCI.

Yes, I will be choosing to pay more than I currently have to pay for the class.

The benefit is that on top of the education that my kids receive, they will also be receiving some equity from America's Holding Company Inc.

If this is something that you would like to incorporate into your community, let us know how we can support you!

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