Where you spend your money matters..... A LOT!

The goal behind what we are creating is a system designed to collect money for the people who work within the system. The people within the system are the shareholders, the clients, and the production centers. On this page you will find a number of partners that we rely on to help our clients achieve their goals.

This page is full of the providers and partners that we work with to take care of our clients, and they all funnel money back into America's Holding Company through posting affiliate and referral links below.

If you would like to set us up as an affiliate for your program and post information about your programs, reach out to us and let us know!

DISCLAIMER: We may be paid for any purchases you make using links on this page.

Tax Strategy Support

Having a plan and implementing that plan regularly are crucial to your success through life. If you don't have a tax team dedicated to tax strategy implementation, you should. Learn more about how Entrepreneurial Tax Strategy takes care of their clients tax situation.

R and D Tax Strategy

We work with Strike tax to make sure all our clients are taking full advantage of the R and D tax credits available to them. If you think R and D Tax credits would be a good fit for your business, I would suggest you reach out and work with them!

Cost Segregation

Cost Segregation is a great strategy to use with real estate, and we think that anyone who owns property currently should look at the tax advantages that it might bring into your ecosystem.

M and A Support

The success of our dream relies on mergers and acquisitions. Justin learned most of what he knows about M and A through the EPIC Challenge. If you would like to learn M and A, I would suggest going through this challenge.

Sales Support

After spending 10 years working with Sandler Training, it is the program that I resonate the most with, and I would recommend it to anyone looking to improve their sales team.

Prospecting Support

If you don't have the leads that are needed to grow your business, it will not consistently grow. One of the best ways to grow is with a well ran and managed lead generation campaign. Learn about our

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