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Our focus is the future, not the past - Justin Stephens

You never know what is in someone's future, no matter their age.

Our current social security system is dependent on your past.

It looks at how much money you paid into the social security system and then says your retirement is based upon the financial input of the jobs you had over your life.

The problem with that is most people add way more value to our society than their job.

Their value to our company, and our country, can't be measured in dollars.

This is why we focus on the future for each and every client.

We invest in YOUR future

When a client joins us, they are joining us to make an impact and to create the future that they want to live in.

This is why we have created two additional ways that we can move money into the assets that are designed to help us make money, our people.

The Investing In Your Future Welcome Contract

This is a $100 contract that any new client can execute within the first year of a being a client.

This contract is designed to show you how much we believe in the impact that you will make on our world.

This contract is designed to show you that we are on your team, and we stand behind you first and foremost.

This contract lets you purchase 100 Class C shares for $100.

Those shares are yours to use as you please.

There is no vesting period, there is no holding period.

As soon as we get the $100 investment, you get the shares.

You must be a new subscriber to execute the Welcome Contract.

The Future of Society Investment Opportunity

In life, there are a number of things that can be pivotal in anyone's life.

These events are a time to celebrate the future no matter what is going on currently in your world.

Without people reaching these milestones and continually driving life forward, our society will fail.

We celebrate the future with you, because without you we have no future.

These milestones help our country move forward, and without your support, we will fail.

When you reach these milestones, you may execute a Future of Society Investment Opportunity.

The cost on the investment opportunity is $100.

In return, you will receive additional Class C shares from America's Holding Company Inc.

Here are how many shares we give you depending on the event that you are dealing with:


50 Class C Shares

New Baby

150 Class C Shares

Adopting a Child

150 Class C Shares


50 Class C Shares

Unexpected Medical Event costing over $10,000

50 Class C Shares

College Graduation

300 Class C Shares

High School Graduation/GED

100 Class C Shares

Death of your Child

100 Class C Shares

Becoming a US Citizen

250 Class C Shares


50 Class C Shares

Joined the military/armed forces

50 Class C Shares

To qualify a Future of Society Investment Opportunity, you must be a current enrollee of the National Tax Strategy Education Program and you must have completed a payment in the last 30 days.

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