Starting Your Own Entrepreneurial Education Center

If you would like to start building your legacy within America's Holding Company Inc., you need to start your own Entrepreneurial Education Center.

If you would like us to create the holding company from scratch, we charge $10,000 to develop and build the entity for you. You will be in total control of your new organization.

If you would like us to retain ownership at some level to participate in what we are building at America's Holding Company Inc. you just tell us how much you would like us to retain of the organization.

Any company you put ownership inside the holding company will receive the same equity per employee per year as if they were owned directly by AHCI as long as AHCI owns 10% or more of your holding company.

If you want to run an entrepreneurial education center, please submit your information below to get started, or complete the purchase below.

Purchase your own Holding Company within the AHCI Umbrella below

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